E2E Testing

End-to-end testing, or E2E testing, is crucial to ensuring that the final website works when all the units are integrated. Let's learn about it in this lesson.


End-to-end testing is testing of the complete application, from one end to the other. It makes sure that all of the backend and front-end components, interfaces, and endpoints are working together to result in an app or website that functions as you intended. It should mimic real-world user interaction.


Manual testing

E2E testing can be automated or manual.

Suppose you’re testing Educative from end-to-end manually. Here’s an example of how you might do it:

  1. Go to educative.io
  2. Create an account or log in
  3. Search for a course
  4. Click on an interesting one
  5. Click on and read a few preview lessons
  6. Make a purchase
  7. Send a customer feedback email
  8. Log out

You may try a myriad of other features, too. Remember, the key is to test the website as a whole, like a real user would.

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