Get 6 months of Educative free with GitHub for Educators.

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We’re proud to announce we’ve partnered with GitHub to be part of the GitHub Teacher Toolbox.

Why? Tech changes fast. The landscape students are facing today is very different from what it looked like just a few years ago. To equip your students to tackle the latest in tech, teachers like you need the tools to brush up and learn new things yourself.

As a member of the GitHub Teacher Toolbox, you will get 6 free months of 60+ Educative courses covering in-demand topics such as Machine Learning, Web Development, Python, Kubernetes, and then some -- a value of over $2,000.

Why Educative?

Programming courses have yet to catch up to the way developers actually learn. Most make you a bystander in your learning; someone's lecturing and you just have to watch them explain how to code, hoping you'll be able to reproduce it later.

Educative’s courses are made to help you learn faster, and get hands-on every step of the way.

1. Learn at your own pace.

Our courses are text-based, so you can skim along (or double back) at your own speed, not someone else’s.

2. We handle the setup. You focus on learning.

Each course is loaded with pre-configured coding environments that let you practice as you learn. No set-up, ever.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
  // your code goes here
  cout << "Code snippets, exercises and more, embedded in every course.";
  return 0;
3. There’s something for everyone.

Educative’s courses cover a range of topics for all skill levels. You’re sure to find something new and exciting every time you log in.

Got questions?

How do I qualify for Educative’s offer in the GitHub Teacher Toolbox?

If you’re part of the GitHub Teacher Toolbox, then all you have to do is create an Educative account (if you don’t have one already), and verify your Educator status through GitHub by pressing the "Verify student status" button below. Then the offer will be automatically applied to your account.

Do I need a credit card to redeem the offer?

Nope! We don't ask for payment information unless you purchase additional Educative products.

I already have an Educative account. Can I upgrade it?

Yup. Just click the button above to verify your educator status through GitHub. Your existing Educative account will be automatically associated with the GitHub Teacher Toolbox.

Anything else you'd like to ask?

We’re happy to chat. Email us at