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Celebrating 150 publications on Educative's blog!

Aug 04, 2020 - 6 min read

Educative is happy to announce a milestone for our blog: we’ve officially published 150 articles to our in-house blog! We are also thrilled to announce that we’ve reached an all-time high for our readership. In July, we doubled our viewership since the spring of 2020!

We are extremely thankful to our dedicated readers who put their trust in our articles for everything from interview prep to beginner’s guides. If you are a returning reader, we thank you for readership and hope that you continue to turn to us.

Our dedicated team of writers is proud to create free, accessible tutorials for developers of all skill levels. As an online learning platform, Educative cares deeply about education and democratized resources. This blog is central to our company’s mission and values.

To celebrate these milestones, we rounded up our top 5 most popular articles that have won over our viewers. We’ll explore the topics of those articles and hopefully inspire you to learn something new!

1. Bash Shell Command Cheat Sheet

This top performing blog article looks at the Bash Shell (Bourne Again SHell), a command-line interface (CLI) that is currently the most widely used shell. This article offers an introduction to the top 25 Bash commands. The second half of the article teaches you how to create custom commands.

Bash is a type of interpreter that processes shell commands. A command is given in the form of plain text that calls operating system services to perform a task. Commands are frequently used in the terminal, which acts as an interface for the shell interpreter.

ls is probably the most common command. It stands for list directory contents. This is used when you are working in a directory and you need to know what files are located there. The ls command allows you to quickly view all files within the specified directory.

To learn more commands and create your own from scratch, check out Bash cheat sheet: Top 25 commands and creating custom commands.

2. Learn Java From Scratch

Our second highest performing article offers a gentle but useful introduction to Java, one of the most popular programming languages out there. This article offers some reasons that you should learn Java, an in-depth roadmap on how to get started, and a list of useful resources.

This article is for anyone new to Java, and it teaches fundamental concepts in a way that anyone can understand, unlike the oftentimes inaccessible official documentation.

The article explains how to get started with Java:

  1. Make your motivation tangible
  2. Create an education plan
  3. Download Java Development Kit (JDK)
  1. Learn the basics with hands-on projects
  2. Balance your theory and practice
  3. Work alongside others

To learn more about Java and get started with this essential language, check out Learn Java from scratch with these easy steps.

3. How to design a web application software architecture

This is one of our highest performing articles on Medium, with over 69k views. This article is intended for programmers who want to create their own web application and need advice on software architecture. This article offers a solid overview of web architecture and a guide on how to pick the right architecture when designing your app.

The article goes in depth into all the need-to-know concepts, including the most important software architecture patterns, such as:

  • Client-server
  • Peer-to-peer (P2P)
  • Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  • Layered
  • Microservices
  • and Event Driven

To learn more about building your own web application the smart way, check out How to Design a Web Application: Software Architecture 101.

4. Top 7 JavaScript data structures you must know

We all know that data structures are essential to your life as a developer. This high performing article helps you gain mastery over data structures by refreshing the top 7 data structures that any JavaScript developer needs to know. This article is useful for developers of any skill level, whether you need a beginner’s intro to data structures or a refresher before a big interview.

The article ends with the top data structures questions asked in coding interviews along with simple explanations that you can try out by hand, such as:

Problem statement:

Implement a function removeEven(arr), which takes an array arr in its input and removes all the even elements from a given array.

To get up to speed on JavaScript data structures and prepare for interviews, check out 7 JavaScript data structures you must know.

5. Why a FAANG company may not be right for you

This high performing article isn’t a guide to technical concepts, but it does seek to challenge some cultural norms of the tech community. Most developers dream of getting a job at the top five FAANG companies: Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google.

But, it is also crucial to examine the potential drawbacks of employment with one of the big five. This article examines five notable reasons why a FAANG company may not be right for you.

  1. Projects at FAANG companies may require less creative engagement
  2. Corporate culture can be a challenge to certain types of people
  3. It is harder to stand out from the crowd
  4. Cost of living and relocation are growing
  5. FAANG companies may not be as reliable as they seem

To explore these ideas in depth and explore a new perspective about the tech world, check out Why a FAANG company may not be right for you.

We hope you enjoyed our review of our five most popular Educative blog article as a way to celebrate 150 publications.

We are proud to provide accessible, free content that makes your life easier as a developer. The blog team has dozens of ideas for how we want to grow our blog and improve your experience as a reader. This team is truly are excited to see where the blog take us all in the upcoming year.

Thank you for your dedication to our blog! We owe a lot to our readers. Our goal is to keep offering valuable, understandable content for readers of all skill levels and needs.

Happy learning!


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