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Educative Answers: Meet our global community of contributors

Jun 17, 2022 - 7 min read
Dominique Sabins

What is Educative Answers?

Educative Answers is a free web encyclopedia for developers by developers that is reviewed, trusted, and provides executable code. It started in 2019 as a small experimental project called Edpresso, and has rapidly grown to more than 2M visits each month. We are starting its next phase of growth with a new name: Educative Answers. As we make this transition, we want to showcase some of the talented Answers contributors globally who have helped make this possible.

Who writes on Educative Answers?

Educative Answers contributors write from all over the world, from Nigeria, to India, to the United States. It is thanks to these skilled contributors that we have published over 13,000 Answers – each one thoroughly reviewed and verified by our technical team – and are adding more every day. Contributors range from students to expert developers who are each eager to share their knowledge, learn, and step out of their comfort zone. That’s why they have come to write on Educative Answers. They don’t stop at one project; they constantly tackle new problems and challenge themselves to learn more. We are excited to share some of the stories from our diverse community of contributors.

Answers contributors enjoy coding because they like problem-solving. For Malhar Lukdawala, an Answers contributor since 2021, coding provides endless opportunities to face new challenges and break down difficult questions. Similarly, Victoria Ogundare, an Answers contributor since January 2022, shares Malhar’s sentiment that coding provides dynamic opportunities to stay motivated.

Victoria says:

“I like to code because I like change. I enjoy learning new things and getting to the root causes of issues. I enjoy a challenge. I like the fact that when you’re coding, you’re creating something new. Whether it’s a website or fixing a bug, the satisfaction and a happy customer makes it all worth it.”

We support developers who want to strengthen their writing skills by giving them constructive feedback they can use to build their skill set. Educative Answers believes that anyone who wants to share knowledge can accomplish this through writing – they just need support. Many of our contributors come to Educative Answers to write because writing is a form of problem-solving for them.

Harsh Jain, an Educative course author and Answers community member since 2019, shares with us,

“​​To be honest, I never thought that I could even write technical blogs. One day, the idea just came up and I searched what are the places where I can write these kinds of blogs. I found Medium, Educative Answers, and some other places. I tried Educative Answers because after writing an article, the Answers team reviews it and provides feedback (which is not present on other platforms).”

As Harsh explains, Educative Answers helps our authors level up their coding and writing skills. We embrace the fact that not every dev loves writing, but that all devs have a need to write. Whether the writing is in the form of a project proposal or a bug report, practice makes perfect. That’s why we provide a review process to help our contributors reach their goals.

Anjana Shankar, an Answers community member since 2020, feels that writing on Educative Answers has helped her to experiment with writing for different audiences. Learning to properly present ideas in this way is key to making sure that writing is accessible to as many people as possible.

Similarly, a new contributor, Shittu Olumide, has found value in writing on Educative Answers because it has given him confidence. He enjoys the feedback from the Answers team which helps him improve his writing,

“Adding my writing on Educative Answers to the list of my works has allowed me to gain more visibility in the tech ecosystem.”

While many contributors like Shittu value the platform Answers provides, as well as the feedback they receive, writing on Educative Answers isn’t the only passion our contributors have.  Just as our contributors come from all over the world, they also have many different backgrounds and interests that they love to share with our community. Some of our contributors have shared their creative and professional pursuits outside of coding that enrich their lives.

Hope Olaidé Wilson, an Answers community member since January 2022, blends a love of coding with a parallel career as a multimedia creative. Hope finds the relative stability of a career in tech allows for greater autonomy in engaging the challenges typically faced by marginalized artists.

“I can’t emphasize enough the importance and value of community in any pursuit. In the early stages of my tech career, before I was accepted into ADA, I found support within communities such as Coding Black Females. They led me to Educative where I was encouraged to take on the challenge of technical writing. Participating, sharing, and connecting with mentors and peers is what inspires and keeps me motivated.”

Hope is motivated by community and the love of the work she does. While Hope’s creative interests in filmmaking and writing may seem starkly different to coding, Hope finds they each present appealing challenges through unique approaches to problem-solving and are each sustained by a strong sense of community.

Many of our authors also write in different genres in addition to technical writing. Lateefat Salami, an Answers community member since 2021, engages in a range of genres, including fiction, creative nonfiction, technical writing, and research writing. She enjoys writing because it is an effective way to “communicate and share [her] thoughts and imaginations.” Technical writing especially “helps [her] to document [her] learning” and share it with others.

Where are they now?

From founders of tech companies to software engineers, Educative Answers contributors are thriving! Below are some of the awesome things that our contributors are doing outside of Educative Answers.

Learning to write well is essential in technical roles so that you can communicate difficult technical concepts effectively to your peers and users. Writing can be daunting, but practicing can help you gain confidence and strengthen your voice. Educative Answers is here as a free resource to help developers on their journey, wherever they are.

Share your knowledge with 2 million monthly users. Become an Educative Answers contributor today.

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