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Educative partnered with GitHub to empower developer careers

Jan 14, 2021 - 4 min read

Educative, a leading platform for online software engineering courses, has recently partnered with GitHub to streamline their tech hiring practices and help GitHub recruit better trained candidates.

As part of this partnership, GitHub’s Nurturing Campaign offered engineering candidates who make it past a recruitment phone screen a 6-month gift subscription to Educative. GitHub has even extended the offer to candidates who do not receive an offer.

This gesture increases the pool of qualified, diverse candidates for the long haul by building empowered relationships with developer candidates, whether or not they move forward with GitHub.

In doing so, GitHub has made it possible for developers of all levels to pursue a career they love with ease.

For us at Educative, entering this partnership made sense for a simple reason: we want to empower developers to navigate their careers in tech and level the playing field for aspiring applicants that large organizations may have overlooked in outdated recruitment strategies.

The limitations of tech recruiting

Engineering interviews are notoriously difficult. Not only do candidates have to refresh general computer science knowledge; they also have to prepare dozens of potential real-world questions. And with so much scattered, often inaccessible, content out there, it’s hard to know where to start.

This often leaves applicants at a disadvantage, and recruiters miss the chance to interview talented individuals who may just need better preparation material.

On top of that, applicants who do not progress with a company are infrequently informed about their weak spots. They must start over from scratch with interview prep, wasting their time as well as recruiter’s efforts.

This tech recruitment process leads to dozens of false negatives, frustrates applicants, and fails to empower the community of software developers.


How Educative helps

GitHub offers Educative’s interview prep courses to all incoming candidates and allows candidates to retain access to the courses for the full 6 months even if they’re not hired. By offering Educative’s courses, GitHub has sped up their recruiting process and limited bias from this traditional educational pipeline.

This also empowers applicants who do not move forward with GitHub to land other jobs quickly with Educative’s services. This gesture enables applicants to fine-tine weak spots and prepare for future interviews in a focused way.

In fact, we spoke with some participating GitHub applicants, and 100% of respondents told us that Educative directly aided in achieving their career goals.

One applicant conveyed that Educative’s System Design Interview Course swiftly helped him ace recent interviews and land another job. Since our courses are based on real examples found in actual interviews, he could prepare answers with real-world answers that directly translated to his interviews.

Both GitHub and Educative recognize that we cannot treat all candidates the same way. It is crucial to empower job seekers through creative initiatives that reskill for a modern interview process.

Empowering the tech community is our #1 goal

Educative is helping GitHub to endorse their own success and acquire talent through non-traditional, personalized learning. In doing so, the community of software developers can feel confident in future interviews.

GitHub’s applicants have seen great success with Educative’s courses in a variety of ways.

One applicant, Lalitha, told us that Educative’s materials have helped her focus her preparation process unlike most services. By providing quick solutions to common issues that developers face, she was able to get answers quickly and in a specialized manner. She told us that Educative is uniquely useful for candidates who need subject focused interview preparation.

Another applicant acquired employment quickly after using Educative’s supplemental materials. He was able to learn the Golang skills required for another application, and shortly after, landed a job. He explained that the realistic code challenges were particularly useful.

He was so impressed with Educative’s materials that he is inclined to recommend our services to other businesses as well.

The future of coding interviews

Stories like these are just a few examples of how a partnership with Educative empowers the community of developers around the world. Partnerships like these are a win-win for all. We hope to continue expanding our partnership by finding new ways to collaborate.

We believe that GitHub shares the same goal, and we’re confident that a stronger partnership between Educative and GitHub will benefit our shared audience: software engineers.

If you are curious what Educative can do for your business, reach out to our Enterprise team.


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