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Educative.io reviews: Why learners code with us

Aug 31, 2022 - 11 min read
Erica Vartanian

The need to learn new skills never ends for a software developer. But with competing priorities and limited time, developers need learning resources that provide maximum return on time invested.

Educative was founded by developers, so we understand the software development industry from the inside out. Unlike most online learning platforms, our platform is designed for developers – and our courses are written by subject matter experts from across the industry. Rather than react to tech trends, we anticipate them before they become the standard, and deliver the most relevant learning resources possible. Most importantly, we know that you simply can’t master a craft simply by watching someone else do it. While video courses can be useful, they encourage passive learning, so we deliver text-based courses that also give you hands-on experience. With a cloud-based development environment, you can code mid-course from any device, whenever you find the time to practice.

But enough self-talk – the best way to learn about Educative is to hear from the very people we build for: software developers like you.

Today, we’ll share some of our learners’ experiences with Educative. And to help you get to know what makes our learning platform different, we’ll share about how our developer-centric approach helps you put your new skills to the test faster than video-based learning platforms.

We’ll cover:

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Educative.io reviews

Over 1.4 million developers have already advanced their skill-sets and careers with Educative.

Our community of career-driven developers hail from different walks of life, but they share common values:

  • Lifelong learning
  • A drive to master the most in-demand technologies
  • Financial freedom and work-life balance
  • A desire to stay competitive in the job market

While the demand to learn new skills is insistent, time is limited. That means an effective learning platform is crucial to help developers reach their learning and career goals. Being built by developers, our platform responds to address these challenges by design.

Let’s hear what learners have to say about our benefits.

Flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere

It’s often a struggle to find the time to practice and master new skills. But even if it’s small, any window of time that reveals itself counts. Our learners appreciate the practicality of accessing their courses – complete with coding environments – from wherever they are, whether with a laptop or a smartphone.

“Your method is simple, straight to the point and I can practice with it everywhere, even from my phone, that’s something I have never had in other learning platforms.” – Felipe Matheus de Souza Santos, Software Engineer

Comprehensive interview prep

When you’re preparing for an interview, it’s important to drill and practice interview problems – but many platforms can only offer this much. Take LeetCode, for instance: great for drilling problems, but when you encounter a completely unfamiliar coding question, you’ll be stuck without a foundational understanding. Our platform goes beyond common interview questions to help you gain the big-picture understanding you need to navigate uncharted interview territory.

Our learner Aishwarya Singh shares their experience with Educative on Product Hunt:

“… I went through Grokking The Coding Interview and Grokking Dynamic Programming Patterns. These 2 courses improved my problem solving skills a lot and I am much better than I was 8 months back. I have solved close to 350 questions on Leetcode and I feel very confident. Without Educative this would not have been possible. If you are seriously preparing for technical interviews and are scared by the umpteen resources out there, stop looking around and try out these courses.” – Aishwarya Singh


Hands-on learning & mixed media

You can find plenty of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) covering software development on popular learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera. While video courses can be a good supplement for some learners, these platforms come with their downsides:

  • Course content isn’t updated with the latest in tech industry standards
  • As opposed to text-based courses, video-based lessons can’t be easily navigated at your own pace
  • No emphasis on hands-on learning

Finally, because developers learn best by doing, our courses are centered around interactivity. Learners code as they learn with a cloud-based IDE, assess their understanding with quizzes, and see concepts demonstrated with effective visuals, from diagrams to GIFs.

“I prefer Educative courses because they have a nice mix of text and images. I find that with full video courses, it can often be too easy to go into passive learning mode.” – Clifford Fajardo, Senior Software Engineer

“It’s everything I’d hoped it would be. Great for upskilling. A good balance of theory and practice. Great job, you guys.” — Arik Cohen, Software Engineer

Educative authors also value interactivity in our learning platform.

One of our course authors, Bassem Marji, shares the qualities he was looking for in a learning platform for his first online course:

  • Built-in interactivity
  • The learners’ ability to navigate content at their own pace
  • A format that encourages active learning

“In my opinion, the cornerstone of Educative’s success as a platform is its interactivity. The opportunity for hands-on learning is a key component for attracting and retaining students in online courses. The content itself is more engaging that way, and the learning process is reinforced through interlaced tasks like practicing code widgets and running quizzes.” – Bassem Marji, Senior Systems Integration Specialist, author of PDF Management in Python

Educative courses are sourced from the most reputable authors and publishers on the market. One of these publishers, The Pragmatic Programmers, has been an industry leader for decades. Dave Rankin speaks toward why they partner with us:

“Pragmatic Programmers’ books deliver practical, hands-on content that solves real-world problems. Achieving that means placing all the emphasis on the readers and the types of issues they’re facing. When we looked through the Educative catalog, we immediately saw a similarity in our approaches to both the content and the audience. Pragmatic Programmers loved the emphasis that Educative put on their learners [and] liked how each course is designed to strip away the theory and get readers’ hands on keyboards as quickly as possible.” – Dave Rankin, Executive Editor at The Pragmatic Programmers

Structure & expert guidance

With a structure provided for you, you can focus on learning without worrying if you’re learning the right topics, in the right order, and so on. All of our courses’ structure and content is not only written by experienced industry professionals – but are further vetted by our in-house technical content team of developers, educators, instructional design experts, and Computer Science PhDs.

“The platform is user-friendly: This improves the learning experience. The courses I have taken so far are of good quality, and well-structured. Educative covers a large range of IT subjects, even the most recent concepts. I was looking for such a platform for myself, and my upcoming team members. It is a great platform on which a whole team, with different skill levels, can rely on. For me, having at least one common ground learning platform is important for my team to improve performance.” — Aristide YAO

“I highly recommend Educative. The courses are well-organized and easy to understand.” — Adina Ong, Senior Engineering Manager

“The content is very good. It is faster than video-based courses. And the amount of courses for the price is great” — Diego Sabajo, Software Developer

“I love the content on Educative and I feel as if I am definitely improving in my craft.” — Thomas Chang, Software Engineer

What we offer

We serve to empower you with the skills you need to hit your learning and career goals at any stage of your coding journey. To that end, we offer 400+ interactive courses, and several developer-centric tools to help you learn the right skills, the right way.

We know it can be hard to know exactly what you need to learn when your goals seem massive or ambiguous. That’s why we’ve created 30+ learning paths, which help you master broad topics through a guided module-based approach. And because your goals and experience are unique, you can also receive Personalized Learning Plans to outline your learning objectives based on your goals and current skill-set. If you don’t know where your skill-set stands on a certain topic, you can use our Assessments tool to validate your proficiency and areas for growth.

Whether you’re an aspiring beginner or an engineering manager, our courses and learning paths cover the latest in various technologies, programming languages, and use cases, including:

To help you confidently achieve your career goals, our interview prep courses cover common and uncommon interview questions – as well as how to approach answering them. In a competitive interview, your delivery can make or break your candidacy just as much as your interview answer. That’s why our courses prepare you with best practices for answering questions, including our 8-step RESHADED approach to answering any System Design interview question.

While our courses offer certificates, your portfolio is going to be the ultimate proof of your coding abilities. That’s why we offer Projects, through which you can build impressive projects for your portfolio (including face detection and pedestrian detection apps).

With new courses released every week, our mission is to help you evolve with the tech industry no matter where you stand in your coding journey.

Learn with us today

Ten years ago, video-based lessons – from Udemy to YouTube – were the industry standard for online developer learning. But they were failing professional engineers who needed efficient, accurate, hands-on learning resources.

When Educative’s co-founders were software engineers at Microsoft and Facebook, they found that video-based lessons demanded valuable time and energy to consume and configure. Instead of quickly parsing key information, they had to skip through videos to get to key points. Worse yet, they had to toggle between tabs and windows to practice what they learned in an IDE. They thought, What if we had a text-based course with a built-in coding environment so we could get hands-on with new concepts immediately? A solution like this would accelerate their learning through both hands-on practice and navigability – and this was the start of Educative.

Today, we’re humbled to have helped over 1.4 million learners advance their skills. With 400+ courses, learning paths, and projects to work with, we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Some of our courses are always free, but you’ll need a monthly plan to access other courses and tools. To experience Educative for yourself, try a a 1-week free trial and let us know what you think.

Happy learning!

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