Writing Your First Java Program

Let's learn to write a simple "Hello World!" program in Java.

We can do a lot with Java. We can write complex algorithms, build mobile and desktop applications, design cool games, and even make sketches on the console!

But let’s slow down a little. Let’s start with a very basic application to get familiar with the nuts and bolts of a basic Java program.

Hello World! in Java 🌏

As you go on to learn more programming languages in the future (hopefully!), you will encounter more “Hello World!” programs.

Note: The “Hello World” phrase was first used by Brian Kernighan as an introductory example for his language B. The phrase was used to replace “hi!”, which had been used previously in his tutorials. The phrase was later used in the documentation of the famous C programming language, also created by Brian Kernighan. The rest is history!

Apparent from the name, it is nothing but a simple program that writes the greeting “Hello World!” on the screen. So, let’s get to it!

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