Awaitable Types and Functions in the Coroutines Library

Get introduced to the awaitable types and functions of coroutines library in C++23.

cppcoro provides more awaitable types.

Awaitable types

cppcoro supports various awaitable types:

  • single_consumer_event
  • single_consumer_async_auto_reset_event
  • async_mutex
  • async_manual_reset_event
  • async_auto_reset_event
  • async_latch
  • sequence_barrier
  • multi_producer_sequencer
  • single_producer_sequencer

I want to have a closer look at the awaitables single_consumer_event and async_mutex.


The single_consumer_event is, according to the documentation, a simple manual-reset event type that supports only a single coroutine awaiting it at a time. single_consumer_event provides a new way for the one-time synchronization of threads.

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