Course Plan

Learn about the structure of this course.

The course is divided into two parts.

Part I: Ecto Fundamentals

Part I will walk us through the main modules that form the core of Ecto’s functionality. Part I will cover the most important features of Ecto, and each lesson builds on the one before. Even if you’re familiar with Ecto, it’s best to walk through the entire course, as it gives a substantial guide to its key features.

Part II: Ecto Applied

Part II builds on the lessons of Part I and applies them to real-world use cases that often come up in database programming. This part is less difficult. While it is suggested that you follow the order of the lessons for consistency, you can take the lessons in any order to focus on the topics that are most interesting to you and leave the rest for another time.

You’ll practice what you learn throughout both parts by working on a sample application.