Building the Frontend of Python Web Applications with Streamlit

Building the Frontend of Python Web Applications with Streamlit


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3h 25min

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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
Building the Frontend of Python Web Applications with Streamlit
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Takeaway Skills

A working knowledge of the training and testing methods for machine learning models in Python

A strong foundation in developing user interfaces (UI) using the Streamlit framework

An understanding of translating various data science libraries, including Scikit-learn, into a front-end UI

A deep familiarity with various web scraping techniques to gather various data and present it in a native web application

Hands-on experience using AssemblyAI, Streamlit, and Heroku to develop, skin, and deploy complete web applications

Course Overview

Python is the premier programming language for data science and machine learning, but its native strengths for back-end development can leave developers scrambling for a front-end solution. Enter Streamlit, a robust open-source library for developing front-end applications with Python. This course is a comprehensive introduction to building Streamlit applications integrated with different Python libraries. You’ll be walked through successive projects to create visualizations, display interactive widgets, a...Show More

Course Content




Build a UI for a Model Using Streamlit


Build a Classification Web App using Streamlit and Sklearn


Build a Streamlit App to Scrape Github Profiles


Build a Web App to Transcribe Audio using Python and AssemblyAI


Build a Web App to Generate and Display a Word Cloud of Trending

6 Lessons


Build a Web App to Download YouTube Videos in 30 Lines of Code

3 Lessons


Deploy Streamlit Apps

2 Lessons


Wrapping Up

2 Lessons


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