Using WebSurge to Load Test Our Endpoint

Learn to use WebSurge to load test.

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WebSurge and load testing

We must load test our API endpoints to verify that they perform appropriately underload. It is far better to find a performance issue in the development process before our users do. WebSurge is a simple load testing tool that we are going to use to test our questions endpoint with the N+1 problem. We are going to perform the load test in our development environment, which is fine for us to see the impact the N+1 problem has. Obviously, the load testing results we are going to see would be a lot faster in a production environment. To use WebSurge for load testing, implement the following steps:

  1. Run the REST API by pressing “F5” if it's not already running.

  2. Open WebSurge and click the “New Request” option on the “Session” tab:

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