Building a WhatsApp Clone with Vue.js and AWS Amplify

Building a WhatsApp Clone with Vue.js and AWS Amplify


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AI Explanations
AI Explanations
Building a WhatsApp Clone with Vue.js and AWS Amplify
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Takeaway Skills

Hands-on experience with configuring resources and deploying applications on AWS using AWS Amplify

Familiarity with routing, state management, and lifecycle hooks in Vue.js

The ability to model a GraphQL database using AWS Amplify

Working knowledge of various AWS products

Course Overview

Vue.js is a popular JavaScript framework for front-end development. It is lightweight, has a dynamic ecosystem, and is expected to grow further as more developers adopt it. This course uses a hands-on project—a WhatsApp clone—to cover important concepts of front-end development using Vue.js. The project also uses AWS Amplify to manage and configure various AWS products to develop the application’s backend and to deploy the final product. The course starts by introducing us to core Vue.js concepts like life...Show More


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