Control Access to Your Applications Using Auth0 API in JavaScript

Control Access to Your Applications Using Auth0 API in JavaScript


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AI Explanations
Control Access to Your Applications Using Auth0 API in JavaScript
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Takeaway Skills

An understanding of authentication API for front-end applications and management API for back-end servers

The ability to create and manage clients and connections to the back-end server as well as to an external identity provider using management API

Working knowledge of creating and managing users and their roles to grant access to an application using management API

Working knowledge of protecting servers against attacks like breached password detection, brute force, and suspicious IP throttling using management API

Working knowledge of managing signup, login, and logout processes using authentication API

Hands-on experience integrating an Auth0 management API in a React application to manage connections and users

Course Overview

Auth0 is a cloud-based identity management platform allowing developers to authenticate and manage front-end applications and servers. It will enable developers to create a client and connections and manage users and their access, as well as attack protection capabilities provided by Auth0. You will start the course by creating an account on Auth0. You will learn to create and manage clients, connections, and users using Auth0 management API. Next, you’ll learn to manage the role of users in an applicatio...Show More


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