Course Conclusion

Author's concluding words regarding the course.

The modern C++ was designed to be the better programming language for embedded and system programming.

As we have outlined, Modern C++ enables you to handle and address

  • safety-critical systems.
  • high-performance requirements combined with limited resources.
  • work to be done in parallel.

For example, C++20 will likely get improved containers, which can be created at compile time. You can expect a constexpr std::vector, a constexpr std::array, and a constexpr string. But that is not all! Containers such as std::flat_map will overcome the weaknesses of a std::map.

The low latency study group (SG14) aims for the improvement of C++ in embedded and system programming. Experts from the game development, finance trading, and embedded domains have the same vision in mind and continue to develop C++ further.

If you want to peek into the future, you can read the proposals for future C++ versions here: C++ Standards Committee Papers.

We hope this course might even help you participate in forming of the C++ future.

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