Technical Report on C++ Performance

In this lesson, we will discuss the C++ features, their overhead, and usage in light of Technical Report on C++ Performance.

We'll cover the following

The Working Group WG 21 published the ISO/IEC TR 18015, a document that is the ultimate source on the performance numbers of the C++ features. The document expresses its concerns directly.

  • To give the reader a model of time and space overheads implied by use of various C++ language and library features,
  • To debunk widespread myths about performance problems,
  • To present techniques for use of C++ in performance applications, and
  • To present techniques for implementing C++ Standard language and library facilities to yield efficient code.

The paper documents the work of experts like Dave Abrahams, Howard Hinnand, Dietmar Kühl, Dan Saks, Bill Seymour, Bjarne Stroustrup, and Detlef Vollmann.

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