Getting Started with SQL and Relational Databases


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Takeaway Skills

Get a strong understanding of relational databases and Structured Query Language (SQL).

Get a working knowledge of creating, managing, and transforming a MySQL data table.

Learn to create and leverage indexes to quickly access data within a database.

Learn to filter, limit, group, and order a database using SQL queries.

Learn to merge multiple tables into a single database using advanced SQL functions.

Get hands-on experience to create, manage, sort, filter, and edit a MySQL database.

Course Overview

Relational databases store data in a row-based table structure. Structured Query Language (SQL) is a core language used to retrieve data from the relational database. One of its most widely used extensions, MySQL, also gives you the power to edit, create, and manage...Show More

Course Content


Getting Started

6 Lessons

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Manage MySQL Server

4 Lessons


Basic SQL Commands

12 Lessons


Add Columns and Indexes

9 Lessons


Count and Sort Records

8 Lessons


Foreign Keys

10 Lessons


Joins, Left Joins And Subqueries

12 Lessons



1 Lesson

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