Defining State Management

Learn what state management is, aspects of the modern web application that comes under state management, and the types of states.

What is state management?

State management is the approach we take to manage how data is synchronized, stored, and accessed throughout our application—making sure that the data displayed to the user is current and correct.

Modern web application and state management

A lot of aspects of a modern web application can come under the term state management. With modern web applications, we need to think about how we manage data from multiple sources, such as:

  • How do we pass data around our application? Whether we use Events to pass data or Services.
  • What data should we pass within the URL, or should we even pass data in a URL?
  • How do we make sure that all the data we show in the application is in sync? For example, if we’re building a financial application. What if a user sees a monetary value on one screen and the same represented value is a different number because the data is not in sync, then the application appears broken.

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