Jasmine in Action

Let's explore how we can write tests in Jasmine with the help of an example.

Running Jasmine test

The first thing we need to do is have an example piece of code to test.

Say we have a function that returns the name of the book in the browser. This function would look like this:

function writeTitle() {
   return 'Getting Started With Angular';

A very simple function, but it will allow us to write a simple test. The test will look like this:

describe('writeTitle function', () => {
       it('returns Getting Started With Angular', () => {
               'Getting Started With Angular'

So, this is our first test. It is a very simple example, but it does have a lot going on. There are a number of features of the Jasmine framework being used in this example. Let’s take a minute to explore what these features are.

📝 Note: Press the RUN button to run the test given below.

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