Learn about BlocListener and how it's used by widgets to listen to state changes.

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The BlocListener is another commonly used widget when implementing BLoCs using the flutter_bloc library. With this widget, we can call a function whenever there’s a change in the state we monitor. The main difference between BlocListener and BlocBuilder is that BlocListener doesn’t return a widget, while BlocBuilder returns a widget that will be rebuilt every time the state changes.

Basic usage

The BlocListener widget takes a listener() function and an optional bloc parameter. The listener() function is automatically provided with a BuildContext and a state, and it doesn’t return anything. This listener() function is called every time the state changes. We can use it to show a snackbar, make an API call, or perform any other action our app requires.

The widget can also be provided with a child parameter, which will be a descendant widget of the BlocListener widget. Note that the widget in the child parameter will not be rebuilt when the state changes.

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