Project #2 Structure

Learn about the different components of an e-commerce app and how they work together to create a functional app.

The e-commerce project is made up of the following components:

  • Models: The models are classes that define the structure of the data used in the project. They are used to represent different entities, such as the shopping cart, shopping cart items, and users.

  • Repository: The repository is responsible for managing the data retrieval. We use the repository to get all the products available for purchase from the JSON file.

  • UI screens: The UI screens include the login screen, sign-up screen, home screen, category screen, item screen, cart screen, and order placed screen.

  • Services: The services are used to perform complex operations, such as authentication.

  • Cubits: The Cubits are used to manage the state of the application and handle user interactions. There are three Cubits in the application: HomeCubit, UserCubit, and ShoppingCartCubit.

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