Project Ideas to Train Your Skills

Explore different project ideas that you can build to enhance your BLoC building skills.

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State management is one of the most complicated topics in Flutter development; mastering it takes time and practice. So we encourage you to build projects to improve your skills.

In this lesson, we’ll provide you with a list of project ideas that you can use to practice building projects with Flutter BLoC:

Task management app

A task management app is an app where users can write their daily to-dos, schedule times to do these to-dos, and label tasks to be part of different projects. There are dozens of task management apps that already exist that you can use for inspiration and to implement features similar to what they offer.

BLoC can be used in this app to manage the following:

  • Adding new tasks.

  • Removing existing tasks.

  • Editing the status of a task (to-do, in progress, done).

  • Saving tasks in storage (either local storage or cloud storage).

Chat app

A chat app where users can send and receive messages in real time is a great project to practice your Flutter and BLoC skills. You can have multiple contacts that the user can message and a notifications system that notifies the user when new notifications arrive.

BLoC can be used in the chat app to manage the following:

  • The state of the current screen that the user is on. For example, if the user is in a contact’s chat screen, this screen should listen to any incoming messages from the other person and show them in real time. If the user is on the screen where it shows all contacts, the user can be notified about any messages from any contact that arrives. There can be multiple ways to implement this. You must do your research before implementing.

  • Navigation between screens.

  • Adding/removing contacts.

News app

A news app can be a great practice project. Users can save articles to bookmark, search for news, and filter news based on their category.

BLoC can be used to manage the following:

  • Fetching news from a news source.

  • Saving an article to bookmarks.

  • Filtering news based on category.

  • Searching for news articles.

These are not the only projects that you can build. If you have your own idea that you’re passionate about, you should definitely build that.

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