More State Management Libraries to Check Out

Get introduced to other Flutter state management solutions.

BLoC is one of many state management methods that are offered in Flutter. In this lesson, we’ll introduce some of these methods.

Inherited widget

The Inherited widget is a low-level state management solution provided by Flutter. It’s used to propagate data down the widget tree. It’s based on the concept of inheritance and can be used to share data between widgets in a tree.


The Provider is one of the popular state management solutions in Flutter. It uses a simple, lightweight syntax to manage state across applications. The Provider is built on top of InheritedWidget, making it easy to use and highly performant.


Riverpod is a state management solution in Flutter that’s built on top of the Provider package. It’s a more modern and flexible approach to state management, providing a more intuitive and declarative syntax for managing state.

At Educative, we offer an in-depth course about Provider and Riverpod.


Redux is another popular state management solution in Flutter that’s based on the Redux library from the JavaScript world. The main idea behind Redux is that the state of the application is stored in a single data store, which is immutable and can only be modified through actions.

Fish Redux

Fish Redux is an implementation of the Redux pattern for state management in Flutter. It’s built on top of the Redux library and designed to simplify state management for complex applications.


GetIt is a simple yet powerful service locator package for Flutter. A service locator package is a design pattern that allows objects to locate services they need without being responsible for creating them. It’s great for small- to medium-sized projects where the state is not too complex.

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