Project #1 Statement

Understand the project statement that we will build later in this chapter

We'll cover the following

In this chapter, we’ll implement what we have learned in the flutter_bloc library. This will give you a better idea of how to implement the BLoC pattern using the flutter_bloc library on your own.


Our goal is to create a Star Wars project. This project will show the users information about Star Wars movies. It has different categories, including characters, planets, etc. The project has a “likes” feature where the user can like any item in any category. The user can access all their likes from a single screen called the likes screen.

The SWAPI API is a web API that provides data about the Star Wars universe, such as character and planet information. It makes it simple for us to access and use this data in our own applications. In this project, we’ll use the SWAPI API to collect all of the data about Star Wars movies that will be displayed in our app.

Go ahead and click “Run” to see a preview of the app:

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