Keep the BLoC Simple

Learn about the benefits of keeping BLoCs simple by implementing the single responsibility principle.

As the complexity of our app grows, so does the complexity of our BLoCs. It’s important to keep our BLoCs focused and easy to understand to ensure that our app remains maintainable and scalable.

Why keep BLoCs simple?

The goal of a BLoC should be clear and well defined. When BLoCs are simple and focused, they’re easier to test, maintain, and scale. If BLoCs become too complex, it can be difficult to understand how they work and how to modify them. Complex BLoCs are also harder to test, which can lead to bugs and errors.

How to keep BLoCs simple

Each BLoC should have a unique purpose and responsibility. If we find that a BLoC is handling too many responsibilities, it’s a sign that we should be using multiple BLoCs instead. For example, if we have a screen that displays a list of items and allows the user to edit each item, we should use separate BLoCs for displaying the list and editing each item. This makes each BLoC easier to understand and modify.

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