Advanced Locomotion

Learn custom VR locomotion with Input Actions, Action Maps, and flying controls through scripts.

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In reality, our longing to take flight is often curtailed by physical limitations. While vigilante and superhero films showcase extraordinary locomotion techniques like Superman’s flight or the Flash’s sprinting, our game aims to introduce users to a range of unique locomotion movements. The question is, how can we achieve this? Until now, we’ve been leveraging existing packages and providers for movement. It’s time to dive deeper into providers and unlock the potential for custom, specialized movements.

Making Actions

To create custom locomotion experiences using the XR Interaction Toolkit, our first step is to create custom Input Actions thoughtfully mapped to Action Maps. Action Maps serve the purpose of grouping related actions in a contextual manner. For instance, we can collect all locomotion-related Actions, such as walking, running, and crawling, under a single Action Map.

The XR Interaction Toolkit provides us with “XRI Default Input Actions,” which serves as our starting point. When we double-click it, we access the “XRI Default Input Actions (Input Actions)” window. To kickstart our custom locomotion journey, we begin by creating Input Actions assigned to Action Maps.

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