Introduction to Meta Quest Developer Hub

Explore Meta Quest Developer Hub in this lesson to learn its configuration and casting feature.

Now that you’ve developed an understanding of the Unity IDE, let’s explore Meta Quest Developer Hub (MQDH). The VR development environment also requires configuring the MQDH to seamlessly deploy our applications from our machine to the VR headset. We can also harness MQDH to cast a view from inside our VR headset to our machine’s monitor.

MQDH ADB configuration

Before we dive into features offered by MQDH, we’ll first tweak it a bit to ensure that it runs smoothly with Unity.

Note: A common error that developers encounter while developing VR projects on Unity for Meta Quest is the ADB version conflict.

Since both MQDH and Unity come with their own versions of ADB, it can lead to a variety of issues at times. To prevent these issues, perform the following steps:

  1. Open a terminal and navigate to the folder where MQDH keeps its ADB file. MacOS users can run the following command:

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