Three-Dimensional Space and the Toolbar

Understand three-dimensional space and basic functionalities of the Unity Editor by creating a room.

Conventional development involves creating mostly 2D web and mobile experiences for 2D screens. Anyone wanting to delve into 3D development must grasp the essential knowledge of 3D environments and the types of interactivity they offer. Learn essential 3D concepts to further your understanding of 3D virtual environments in this lesson.

Using the 3D editor on a 2D screen

It can be difficult to fully understand and visualize a 3D scene on a 2D screen. So, Unity uses the x-, y-, and z-axes to represent the three dimensions. This allows us to work with a 3D environment in the Editor. We can change our perspective, angles, and distance to better understand and work with the 3D scene.

Note: To better understand how to work with 3D space, try this exercise: look at a corner in your room and mentally map the x-, y-, and z-axes onto the point where the floor and walls meet. This can help you get a better feel for how to think in 3D and better understand the layout of your environment.

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