Interaction Intermediate

Build on the fundamentals of VR by learning about multiple Interaction Managers, Interaction Layers, the Direct Interactor, Simple Interactable, and handling multiple Interactors.

Since we now have a basic understanding of the Interaction System in Unity VR, we’ll discover the level of control the Unity XRI Toolkit gives us over such interactions.

Multiple Interaction Managers

Earlier, we discussed the role of the Interaction Manager as just a relay between Interactors and Interactables. Let’s see how we can leverage it to add depth to our game.

Let’s add another Grab Interactable to our game, the magic orb. This magic orb is created using a VFX graph. So, first, we have to install the Visual Effect Graph and Shader Graph from the package manager. You can use the package below to download the magic orb in your project:

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