When creating any scene in Unity, a thorough understanding of each component is essential. Setting up Unity for VR is as simple as any other Unity project. However, architectural know-how is necessary for decision-making scenarios, such as using Oculus in XR Plug-in Management rather than OpenXR. We’ll be creating the scene for our VR project and describing the results along the way. So, buckle up and explore the virtual realm to the fullest.

Configurations and packages installation

Choosing a render pipeline is the first and most crucial step in creating any Unity project or game. Although we can change to different SRPs during the project, it might cause a few rendering problems. We shall choose the render pipeline at the start of our final VR project in order to prevent this hassle. For our VR project, we require a user-friendly render pipeline for beginners that works across platforms and produces optimized results.

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