Introduction to SQL Toolbox

Learn tools and techniques for writing SQL queries.

In this part, we’re going to add to our proficiency in writing SQL queries. The structured query language doesn’t look like any other imperative, functional, or even object-oriented programming language.

SQL techniques

This part contains a long list of SQL techniques from the most basic select clause to advanced lateral joins, each time with practical examples working with a free database that you can install at home.

It’s highly recommended that you work with the queries yourself. A key aspect of this part is that SQL queries aren’t typically written in a text editor; instead, they’re interactively tried out in pieces and stitched together once the spelling is spot-on.

SQL writing process

The SQL writing process is mainly about discovery. Unlike most programming languages where we have to focus on a solution we think will solve our problem, SQL requires us to explain our problem. That’s quite different and requires looking at your problem in another way and understanding it well enough to be able to express it in detail in a single sentence.

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