Action Dispatch

We will be associating the setActiveUserID action we made in the last lesson with the onClick handler of our User div. This will dispatch the action on a click. We will implement this functionality in User.js.

We'll cover the following

In the last lesson we made the action creator called setActiveUserID, which returns the user object based on the id it is given.

Now we must dispatch the action.

Let’s keep moving.

Take a look at the User.js component.

The first line of the return statement is a div with the class name, User:

<div className="User">

This is the right place to set up the click handler. As soon as this div is clicked, we will dispatch the action we just created.

So, here’s the change:

<div className="User" onClick={handleUserClick.bind(null, user)}>

And the handleUserClick function is right here:

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