Welcome to Understanding Redux. In this introductory lesson, we'll learn at how front-end development has evolved over the years.

“Some years back, developing frontend applications seemed like a joke to many. These days, the increasing complexity of building decent frontend applications is almost overwhelming.”

“It seems that to meet the pressing requirements of the ever-demanding user, the gentle cute cat has overgrown the confines of a home. It’s become a fearless lion with 3-inch claws and a mouth that opens wide enough to fit a human head.

Yeah, that’s what modern frontend development feels like these days.

Modern frameworks like Angular, React and Vue have done a great job at taming this “beast”. Likewise, modern philosophies such as those enforced by Redux, also exist to give this “beast” a chill pill.”

This introductory section will give you a theoretical understanding of Redux. It may be a bit boring, but pay close attention as this will come in handy for the tasks ahead. Good luck!

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