Explaining Redux to a 5 year Old

Let's compare Redux with the real life scenario of withdrawing money from the bank.

This section of the course is really important. The explanation here will be referenced through out the course. So get ready.

Since a 5-year old doesn’t have the time for technical jargon, I’ll keep this very simple but relevant to our purpose of learning Redux.

So, here we go!

Let’s consider an event you’re likely conversant with - going to the bank to withdraw cash. Even if you don’t do this often, you’re likely aware of what the process looks like.


You wake up one morning, and head to the bank as quickly as possible. While going to the bank there’s just one intention / action you’ve got in mind i.e WITHDRAW_MONEY. You want to withdraw money from the bank.


Here’s where things get interesting. When you get into the bank, you go straight to the Cashier to make your request known.


Wait, you went to the Cashier? Why didn’t you just go into the bank vault to get your money?


After all, it’s your hard earned money.

Well, like you already know, things don’t work that way. Yes, the bank has money in the vault, but you have to talk to the Cashier to help you follow a due process for withdrawing your own money.

The Cashier, from their computer, then enters some commands and delivers your cash to you. Easy-peasy.


Now, how does Redux fit into this story?

We’ll get to more details soon, but first, the terminologies.