Planning the Application

A look at what kind of app we are making. We'll also discuss which approach is suitable for such a task.

Okay. Here’s the big question. What do you generally do first when starting a new React application? Well, we all have our preferences.

Do you break down the entire application into components and build your way up?

Do you start off with the overall layout of the application first?

How about the state object of your app? Do you spend sometime thinking about that too?

There’s indeed a lot to put into consideration. I’ll leave you with your preferred way of doing things.

In building Skypey, I’ll take a top-down approach. We’ll discuss the overall layout of the app, then the design of the app’s state object, then we build out the smaller components.

Again, there isn’t a perfect way to do this. For a more complex project, perhaps, a bottom-top approach would suit that.

One more time, here’s the finished result we are gunning for:

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