Introducing Exercises

Please, please, please, don’t skip the exercises. Especially if you’re not confident about your Redux skills and really want to get the best out of this guide.

So, grab your dev hats, and write some code :)

Also, if you want me to pass a feedback on any of your solutions at any point in time, tweet at me with the hashtag #UnderstandingRedux and I’ll be happy to have a look. I’m not promising to get to every single tweet, but I’ll definitely try to.

Once you get the exercises sorted out, I’ll see you in the next section.

Remember that a good way to read long content is to break it up into shorter digestible bits. These exercises help you do just that. You take some time off, try to solve the exercises, then you come back to read on. That’s an effective way to study.

Want to see my solutions to these exercises? I have included the solutions to the exercises in the book package.

So, here’s the exercise for this section.

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