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Deep Learning Trends: top 20 best uses of GPT-3 by OpenAI

Sep 28, 2020 - 10 min read
Aman Anand

This article was written by Aman Anand and was originally published on Dev.to. Aman is a data science and machine learning enthusiast. Today, he shares his knowledge of Natural Language Processing and deep learning technologies.

After watching a lot of buzz about GPT-3 on social media and how it will change the world, I decided to write a collection of some of the best uses of GPT-3 by OpenAI.

Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 (GPT-3) is an autoregressive language model for creating human-like text with deep learning technologies.

GPT-3 is the next big thing for deep learning after Netscape Navigator, and it’s expected to change the world. I believe that GPT-3 will serve as a great helper to humankind in all fields, including software development, teaching, writing poetry, and even comprehending large volumes of text.

So, let’s take a walk through the streets of Twitter and learn about 20 amazing uses, inventions, and applications of GPT-3 that illustrate its immense potential. The original Tweets can be found below.

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1. Code Oracle

Not only can GPT-3 generate code for you, but it can also comprehend the code written by you. Here is an example where GPT-3 explains the code written in Python in detail.

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2. Designer

Here is a beautiful integration of Figma plugin and GPT-3 to generate beautiful web templates. The developer inputs the following text:

“An app that has a navigation bar with a camera icon, “Photos” title, and a message icon. A feed of photos with each photo having a user icon, a photo, a heart icon, and a chat bubble icon”

And generates this beautiful, simple application.

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3. JSX Layout Maker

This was one of the first examples of GPT-3 to generate code that caught the attention of the tweeple. It shows how to generate a JSX layout just by defining it in plain English.

4. Regex Generator

In this example, we observe that GPT-3 is also capable of generating Regex for different use-cases. You input the Regex you want in plain English, provide an example string that will match, and it generates the Regex in seconds.

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5. Website Mocker

The brilliant combination of Figma and GPT-3 has once again proved to be game-changing. In this example GPT-3 is able to clone the website by receiving the URL of the website.

The developer inputs the following text:

“A website like stripe that is about a chat app”

And it outputs the follow web app:

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6. Object use-case generation

Here, we get an interesting example where GPT-3 tell us what things can be done with an inputted object.

7. Autoplotter

In this Tweet, we see that GPT-3 can also generate charts and plots from plain English. Here, it uses SVG charts to produce details charts.

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8. A complete evaluation

This Tweet explains the basic use of GPT-3 text generation in many interesting ways. It shows that GPT-3 can play games like finding analogies, identifying paintings from naive descriptions, generating articles, and also recommending books. And it requires no training or massive data uploads.

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9. Quiz Producer

Here is an awesome helper for teachers and students. It generates Quizzes for practice on any topics and also explains the answers to these questions in detail.

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10. Learn from Anyone

As the name suggests, this tool helps you learn anything from anyone, whether it is Robotics from Elon Musk, Physics from Newton, Relativity Theory from Einstein, and Literature from Shakespeare.

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11. The Philosopher

A lot has been discussed about the pros and cons of GPT-3. What happens when the AI itself turns into a philosopher and answers questions about the effects of GPT on humanity? Here is an example where the GPT-3 writes an essay explaining itself to humanity and how it will affect humankind.

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12. The AI recursion

What will happen when Machine Learning models start writing Machine learning models? It sounds like the story of a Sci-fi movie, but it’s a reality now GPT-3 can write ML models for specific datasets and tasks. Here, the developer used GPT-3 to generate code for an ML model only by describing the dataset and required output.

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13. The Meme Maker

Today in the world of social media, we see a lot of memes. GPT-3 can generate memes too. It can understand the nuances of meme-making and generate hilarious memes with a few prompts.

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14. The LaTeX Fabricator

LaTeX can be quite tiresome if we have to write complex equations, but GPT-3 comes to the rescue for this mundane task. Just provide an equation in plain English, and it will produce the LaTeX equations.

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15. The Animator

GPT-3 can generate many things, one of them being an animator. It can generate frame-by-frame animations using the Figma plugin and a text prompt.

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16. The Interactive Voice Response creator

We must have dealt with IVR in our day-to-day life for booking just about any appointment. GPT-3 can generate IVR flow and generate it pretty fast.

17. The 3D scene generator

GPT-3 can generate 3D scenes using the three.js Javascript API. It generates code for the 3D scene if you describe the scene to it. Curently, it can generate just simple 3D objects.

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18. The Resume Creator

How many times have we struggled with the task of creating an efficient and concise resume for our job interviews. GPT-3 can build resumes for us also. You have to write your description and it gives you concise points to add value to your resume.

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19. The DevOps engineer

GPT-3 can not only write beautiful articles, create apps, and websites, but it can also help you with DevOps. It is like a multidisciplinary developer with a lot of abilities.

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20. The Cricket commentator

The job of sports commentators is also at risk by the advent of GPT-3. Sites like Cricbuzz and Cricinfo use GPT to generate textual cricket commentaries.

Wrapping up

GPT-3 is amazing, and there are so many more things that it can be used to do. I hope this inspired you to look into GPT-3 and other deep learning technologies. Machine learning is our future, and the possibilities truly seem limitless. It’s important that we don’t fall behind or miss our on these fun, incredible tools.

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Happy learning!

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