Publishing a Chart

Learn how to publish a chart to a Helm repository.

Charts, like Kubernetes Dashboard or Postgres, require that we first add a Helm repository to our CLI and then do the installation. The goal of this lesson is to publish our Helm chart to a Helm repository without downloading any files first.

But what is a Helm repository? Basically it’s an HTTP server that provides an index.yaml file with some packaged charts. We’ve got tons of options from which we can choose one. A quite long—but not exhaustive—list with instructions can be found in the official documentation. However, we’ll use one of the most popular, GitHub’s free-to-use service, GitHub Pages.

Set up a GitHub page

First, we need to have an account on GitHub (the register link is Once we have it follow the steps:

  1. Create: We create a new repository at We can name it whatever we want, e.g., helm-app.

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