Set Up GKE Project

Learn how to create and configure a Google Cloud project.

What will be built

When we start to learn or test new things it’s fine to do everything locally (or here, in the interactive sandboxes). But in the real world, production-ready code won’t be running on our laptops. It will be running either on a private or public cloud.

There are plenty of public cloud providers. The most popular are AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud. But a list of all the possible vendors is way longer. From this vast selection, we picked Google Cloud as our go-to cloud service for this course. The reason for that is it offers a free tier subscription that would allow us to create a small cluster without charging us anything.

If you’re lucky and work for a company that gives you a free Kubernetes cluster for testing or you happen to have one for your usage, you can easily go with that. Some of the configuration steps may be different for a different cluster.

Create a Google Cloud project

The first step is to log in or create a new Google account. It can be done from the Google Cloud main page.

Next, we need to create a Google Cloud project, which plays the role of a workspace from where we can enable and configure many cloud services. Then, go to the project selector page (remember to be logged in) and click the “Create Project” button.

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