The NOTES.txt File

Learn how to add a brief summary of a successful installation with the NOTES.txt file.

Create a NOTES.txt file

Let’s now go back to the moment when we installed the PostgreSQL Helm chart. After successful installation in a console, we’ve learnt how we can interact with the newly deployed software:


** Please be patient while the chart is being deployed **

PostgreSQL can be accessed via port 5432 on the following DNS names from within your cluster: - Read/Write connection

...remaining part

It’s not a necessary part but it’s rather nice to have, especially for complicated packages. And the best part is that we can use the Helm template language to make such an output.

The only thing that we need to do is to create a NOTES.txt file inside the /templates folder. We can add anything we want into it that we feel might be useful for users. Here is a short proposal of what kind of information can be included in it:

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