ARM Templates

Let’s imagine that we have to deploy 100 virtual machines with different networks, scale sets, NSGsNetwork Security Groups, and storage accounts for testing purposes, which is a recurring process every month before the company completely migrates onto the cloud.

This process seems easy, but it can be cumbersome because cloud architects have to spend a lot of time doing this. Azure automation tools can help in doing these tasks efficiently by using ARM templates for deployment.

It’s a reliable method of creating the same environment multiple times. Azure Resource Manager (ARM) is a Microsoft Azure service and we can use it to create, update, and delete Azure resources.

Some key insights:

  • With ARM templates, Azure Policy, and Azure Blueprints, we’ll have a more uniform deployment of resources, but it requires proper testing before they’re released for production; one simple mistake can cost a lot.

  • In ARM templates, we need to define the resources, and the Azure ARM management layer will take care of creating the infrastructure.

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