TCO Calculator and Service Pricing

Solve a real-life problem for a company and understand the service pricing of some Azure services.

Problem statement

In this lesson, we’ll explore an XYZ company that has some hardware on an on-premise server, which is now getting old. They also have different servers to meet their client’s needs. So, they have two options: one is to purchase new hardware, and the other is to migrate to the cloud.

We’ll cover the following in this lesson:

  • Visualizing different servers
  • Using the TCOTotal Cost of Ownership Calculator to calculate cost differences
  • Finding out key insights into why the cloud is better for them
  • Validating costs to see what benefits the cloud is giving

Here’s the problem statement. The XYZ company has its servers set up in a data center or on-premises and its team has to figure out the best option for them.

Here, we, as the solution architect, have to come up with an optimized solution. Let’s look at the architecture configuration first:

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