Automation services

We depend on automation to reduce human effort, and these services offer us unique advantages. We can shift our gears from manual tasks to services doing those actions for us. It takes time to automate, but once we’re done, it takes less time to act.

These services are divided into a few sub-categories:

  • Deployment and management services

    • Azure Automation
    • Azure Blueprints
    • ARM Templates
  • External events response

    • Azure Functions
    • Azure Automation
  • Complex orchestration

    • Azure Logic Apps
    • Azure Functions

Azure Automation offers a cloud-based solution that manages our infrastructure. It includes process automation, configuration management, update management, and so on.

Azure Automation allows us to automate our Azure management tasks and manage actions across external systems using Azure. It’s built on PowerShell workflow; therefore, we can take advantage of the language’s many features.

When we start with Azure Automation, creating an automation account is the first step. Azure Automation accounts are like storage containers in a storage account.

Azure Automation benefits

Azure Automation optimizes our existing setup and offers us many benefits. Let’s see some of them:

  • Cost savings: With Azure Automation, we’re not only reducing time but also increasing efficiency. It reduces operational costs because management tasks are now being managed by automated services.

  • Optimizations: It allows us to optimize our existing workflows as per the user requirements. We can create Azure Automation runbooksRunbooks are powerful resources designed to provide solutions to remediate any issue quickly and accurately, e.g., renewing a website’s SSL certificate. to automate our tasks and monitor the performance of our Azure resources.

  • Integration options: We can easily integrate it with third-party applications, service offerings, or APIs. Azure Automation can run on our hosted VMs, web applications, etc.

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