Microsoft Defender for Cloud

The platform formerly known as Azure Security Center has been rebranded as Microsoft Defender for Cloud. This central portal serves as a valuable tool for managing the security aspects of our Azure environment. It provides insights into policy compliance, offers recommendations, and can take proactive measures to address identified security issues.

To access the Microsoft Defender for Cloud, administrators use the Azure management portal. Within this security center, multiple tools are available, enabling organizations to proactively prevent, detect, and respond to potential security threats targeting their Azure resources. An active Azure subscription is required to access and utilize the services offered by Microsoft Defender for Cloud.

When we turn on the security center, a monitoring agent is automatically deployed to our Azure VMs. However, in the case of on-premise VMs, the monitoring agent has to be manually installed. After that, Microsoft Defender for Cloud begins assessing the security of our VMs, apps, data, and networks.

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