Demo: Azure WebJobs and Azure Queue Storage

Look at an interesting demo for Azure WebJobs and Azure Queue Storage.

In this demo, the code to parse messages from a storage queue is already set up for you. You just need to add connection strings of the resources you created and your application will work after running the series of commands mentioned here.

Demo steps

The steps have been divided into two main sections. In the first, you’ll create Azure resources, and in the second, you’ll implement the WebJobs and Queue Storage integration code.

Creating resources

  1. First, create a storage account if you don’t have one. Use CLI or Azure Portal according to your requirements. In order to create a storage account, you’ll need to create a resource group.

  2. Various CLI commands to create your different resources are given below.

  3. Here are the names we used for certain resources:

    • queueExercise-Rg for the resource group
    • educativequeuestorage for the storage account
    • demoqueue for the queue

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