Building Reactive Apps with Svelte and Tailwind

Building Reactive Apps with Svelte and Tailwind


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AI Explanations
Building Reactive Apps with Svelte and Tailwind
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Takeaway Skills

Learn how to build reactive single-page applications using Svelte from scratch

Familiarity with the basic syntax of Svelte, including templating, conditions, and event listeners

Hands-on experience with building various customizable components and working with lifecycle events

The ability to implement routing, sorting, filtering, modifying, or duplicating data sets in Svelte

An understanding of how to utilize Tailwind to reduce the amount of CSS in your bundles

Hands-on experience building a fully functional user management system from scratch using Svelte and Tailwind

Course Overview

Svelte is a popular JavaScript compiler for front-end developers who want to take their applications to the next level from React, make it slimmer with less code, and enable better performance. Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that has a single class for each CSS property. In this interactive course, you'll work with Svelte and Tailwind in real-world applications and build a user management system from scratch. You'll also learn the basic syntax of Svelte—templating, conditions, loops, and event ...Show More


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