Course Overview

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Welcome to the beautiful world of programming! Programming is an art form where you’ll use your imagination and creativity to create things. If you know how to program, your possibilities are endless.

You can use it to create a fun game. Or maybe you want to automate things in your life. Maybe you want to become a professional programmer so you can use your skills to work with others to create solutions that will be used by many people for a long time. Having programming skills is also something that is needed in more and more professions. Your job title will not be that of a software developer. Instead, programming will be a tool that you can use.

The idea of this course is to focus on one of the two things you need to learn. This course will not focus on any language, but instead, teach you the concepts you need to know and understand to become a programmer. After you have finished this course, you can learn any programming language you want, and when you do, you can focus on just learning the language, because you will already know the rest.

With this course, we also want to put things into context, so there will be a bit of history, while some parts will be rather technical. We believe that if you are going to learn something, you can’t just scratch the surface. You need to dive into it and see how things work.

Intended Audience

This course is written for everyone who is either just curious about computer programming and wants to know more about the topic, or is about to learn their first programming language and wants a solid introduction to the topic. It doesn’t matter if your goal is only to create small hobby applications or if you want to be well prepared for your university programming courses.