Summary of Software Projects and Code Organization

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Chapter summary

In this chapter, the focus has been on organizing our code and how to name things so that we can avoid naming conflicts.

A book is divided into chapters to make it easier to read and navigate. In the same way, we want our code to be easy to read and understand. We don’t have the concept of chapters in programming, but we do have modules. A module is a part of our application where the code is logically related; that is, one way or the other, it works with the code. A module is often defined as a separate code file.

In larger projects, we can end up with a large number of modules. Due to this, we need a way to organize them so that the compiler or interpreter can locate the correct file when all the pieces need to be put together. We do this with the help of a project. We can see the project as a form of container for all our modules, but also for other resources that our application might use, such as images, configuration files, and so on.

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