Summary of Code Quality

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Chapter summary

In this chapter, you have reached the end of this journey into programming, and you now know what it takes to write quality code that’s efficient as well as easy to read and maintain.

We talked about the fact that we have two aspects of quality when it comes to software—one being the quality of the code and the other being quality from the user’s perspective.

We then turned our attention to how to achieve code quality. First, we talked about how we can create readable code and how this will improve the code’s overall quality.

After that, we looked at how efficient code, which is code that efficiently uses the computer’s resources, will improve the quality of our code.

Smart coding tricks are not always the smart way to write code if code quality is something we value. We saw some examples of things we should avoid.

Finally, we looked at some best practices that we can use to increase the quality of the code we write.

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