Software Deployment and Code Maintenance

Learn about the process of software deployment and code maintenance.

Understanding software deployment

When we have some code to release, we’ll need to deploy it. Deployment is the process of making sure the software is installed in the right location, securing it to prevent any hacker attacks, and making sure that privileges are given to the software so that it can read and write files as needed.

When the code is deployed, we usually want to test it again to make sure that everything is still working the way it was intended.

Deploying the code is usually done in several steps. Developers will typically have a server that’s used during the development process. This is called the development server, and during development, the code can be executed and tested on this server. It will often come with a development database that is used—if the application we develop uses a database—to simulate the real data the application handles. Still, it can be modified any way the developer wants because it is detached from the real data the users see and work with.

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