Challenge: Print All the Paths

Let’s print all the paths from the root node to the leaf node.


Given a binary tree, print all the paths from the root to the leaves.


The root of a binary tree.


Display all paths in the binary tree.

Sample input

The root node t.root of a binary tree will be the input of printAllPath() function. We have to print all the paths of the given tree.

Here’s the sample input tree t.

t := LevelOrderBinaryTree(arr)

Sample output

All paths printed to the console using a semicolon (;) separated approach instead of line breaks.

7 3 1 ; 6 3 1 ; 10 5 2 1 ; 9 4 2 1 ; 8 4 2 1 

Note: Please add space after a semicolon too in order to successfully complete the exercise.

Let’s look at the illustration below to better understand the problem.

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